'Raqs-E-Bismil' Promo: An Intense Story of Love & Passion

Here's our take on the promo of upcoming drama 'Raqs-e-Bismil'!
Updated 21 Dec, 2020 06:18pm

The much-awaited drama serial Raqs-E-Bismil's promo is out, marking director Wajahat Rauf’s TV come back after Shadi Mubarak Ho.

We've all been eagerly waiting for Raqs-e-Bismil's preview and the excitement for the anticipated show has only grown since. The name Raqs-E-Bismil is literally translated to ‘dance of the wounded’ - which sure reflects on the context of the drama. There are plenty of reasons to look forward to this show, see why!

Firstly, the drama is written by dynamic playwright Hashim Nadeem who also wrote ‘Khuda aur Muhabbat’. Another factor for the hype is that it brings together the pairing of two most talented actors Imran Ashraf Awan and Sarah Khan for the very first time on screen!

Going by the drama’s promo, the show has an intense feel and has all the elements of a potential success; from drama to romance, action, a thrilling background score, and an amazing supportive cast of Mehmood Aslam, Anoushay Abbasi, Momin Saqib, Nida Mumtaz, Saleem Mairaj, Gul-E-Rana, and Furqan Qureshi. It also marks television debut of model/actress Zara Sheikh.

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The serial is a joint collaboration between Shazia Wajahat and Momina Duraid Productions but the astonishing thing we observed is the high-intensity thriller elements within a love story, hitting the right creative chords and reminding us Wajahat Rauf is back with his directorial.

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Imran Ashraf is playing the role of Moosa and he’s also the hero of the show who appears to be a hot-headed and straightforward guy, who doesn’t hesitate to get physical to prove a point. He also seems to be a man of strong principles and exudes major 'Karachi bad boy' vibes. Shazia Wajahat disclosed on her Instagram platform that she always wanted to work with Imran Ashraf and he was the first and only choice for Moosa’s role.

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Sarah Khan will be seen as Zohra with a totally different look. A woman who has both magic and a lot of stories to tell in her eyes while donning an Abaya and Veil look. Posting on social media, Shazia Wajahat also confirmed that Sarah Khan was also the first and last choice for this role and this is the 5th project together working with her.

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After a marvelous performance in the on-going drama ‘Prem Gali’ Anoushay Abbasi will be seen playing a pivotal role in the show. She’s portraying the role of a manipulative girl named ‘Sakina’. However, Sakina will have a conservative family who adhere to strict family values and won’t allow her to marry the love of her life. Her brother (Moosa) will force Sakina to marry someone else so she will curse him that ‘Khuda karey, Tumhe bhi kisi say pyar ho aur wo tumhe na miley’ and eventually we’ll see Moosa will fall for Zohra.

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Presenting the 'misogynistic mindset', Mehmood Aslam plays the character of a patriarch and will be seen potraying ‘Peer Qudratullah Shah’. One of the dialogues with patriarchal content have been displayed in a teaser saying “Larki kay qadam ek martaba ghar se bahar nikal jayn to phir ussay badnami ki rah’on per agey bharney say koy nahi rok sakta,”

Raqs-E-Bismil has generated a lot of hype ever since its first teaser and it looks very promising. We’re incredibly excited to watch its first episode on the 25th December and stay tuned to see what we think!