Amar Khan’s 'Heer Da Hero' is the Perfect Masala Entertainer You Need to Watch This Ramadan

Heer Da Hero has audiences in fits of laughter this Ramadan!
Published 05 Apr, 2023 04:01pm

Ramadan brings about a number of shows every year and viewers are treated with the limited series that end up becoming a must watch with the family after Iftar. One such show to hit our tv screens this year is Heer Da Hero starring the ever so gorgeous and bubbly, Amar Khan and the dapper Imran Ashraf in leading roles. Heer Da Hero is a loud and happening show with romance, over the top dramatics, comedy and a whole load of drama and viewers can’t get enough of it!

Amar Khan and Imran Ashraf are joined by an ensemble cast including Usman Peerzada, Munazzah Arif, Kashif Hameed, Waseem Abbas, Afzal Khan Rambo and the social media sensation, Raheem Pardesi known for his comic videos on the internet.

Heer Da Hero Aesthetically Woos Audiences!

The audience hasn't witnessed such captivating visuals on their television screens in a while. Geo Entertainment's 'Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3' effectively captured the stunning scenery of different locations in Pakistan. Similarly, Geo has once again managed to do so again, 'Heer Da Hero' showcases the culturally significant streets and architecture of Old Lahore, with the camera work beautifully done and the drama shot in the vicinity of the magnificent 'Badshahi Masjid.'

We’ve loved the aesthetic shots and romantic sequences on the rooftops of historical Lahore streets in the drama.

Amar Khan Does it Once Again!

The drama is produced by Abdullah Kadwani and is penned down by none other than the multi-talented Amar Khan herself. After the successful run of Dum Mastam, Heer Da Hero is another feather in Khan’s cap! Playing the very dramatic, bubbly and full of life Heer, Amar Khan steals the audiences hearts with every scene she’s in. Heer Jutt plays a tiktoker who prides herself over her acting skills and the English she speaks. Not only is Khan a fantastic actress but her comic timing during the episodes are brilliantly executed too! Kudos to her for writing a comic script that often leaves us in fits of laughter.

Imran Ashraf Plays the Macho Angry Man who is busy doing nothing apart from running around the neighbourhood like he owns it - and it does seem like Hero bhai does have a hold on the ‘mohalla’ and the people in it.

Heer Da Hero: A comic saga with meaningful messages to the audiences

It may seem to be all fun and games, however the show is giving out meaningful messages between all the theatrics.

Will Rivals Turn into Lovers?

The lead actors, Imran Ashraf and Amar Khan unfortunately belong to rival families the Butts and the Jutts, each being political rivals. Will the two end up falling in love and bring an end to years of political rivalry? We’ll have to continue watching the Ramadan special to find out.

Will she end up with her Hero or will we see Hero losing this battle of love? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.