Baddua: Abeer’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Her!

ARY Digital’s Baddua starring Amar Khan, Muneeb Butt, Maryam Noor and Osama Tahir has been riding high on the TRP...
Published 23 Nov, 2021 06:47pm

ARY Digital’s Baddua starring Amar Khan, Muneeb Butt, Maryam Noor and Osama Tahir has been riding high on the TRP meter. With some major plot twists and turns, the story has kept audiences hooked with its riveting storyline.

The Plot

Abeer continues to come face -to-face with Junaid’s erratic behaviour, he tells her about visiting Neelum in order to make her jealous and Abeer goes along with his plan instead of putting an end to it. She also wants to see Neelum burn in jealousy and walks into her home with Junaid, the duo falls flat on their face after Neelum puts them in their place after calling them, as alike as two peas in a pod who rightly deserve each other. This angers Junaid and he leaves Abeer stranded in the middle of the road and drives off. Another turn in the story begins when Abeer’s ex-boyfriend Umair arrives on the scene and offers to drop her back home. He then hatches a plan with his friend to take revenge from Abeer for all the hurt she caused him when she broke his heart in the past.

Abeer on the otherhand reaches home and tells her mother-in-law and the rest about what happened between her and Junaid. All this time, Junaid was on a dinner with his ex-lover (Mariam Ansari) who he is trying to woo over by lying about having to get married to Abeer due to the pressure from his mother.

The Fight between Abeer and Junaid escalated to a greater scale after he returned home, he asked Abeer about her past, she lied and said there was no one in her life before him but he mentioned he would ask Neelum for the details, pushing her out of their bedroom. Abeer was left scared about Junaid finding out about her past with Umair and Mohsin.

A major twist is expected in the upcoming episodes

The last few scenes in the 10th episode of Baddua hint on the meeting of Neelum and Affan (Osama Tahir). The preview for the next episode shows Affan’s mother wishing that Neelum ends up becoming her daughter-in-law. Does this mean Junaid’s ex fiancé will soon be marrying his childhood best-friend. This is one piece of news that will definitely destroy Junaid, while we are also waiting for the time when Affan finally realises who Abeer really is and that she was the one who caused his cousin Mohsin the heartbreak that made him commit suicide.

We’re loving Amar Khan as the rebel ‘Abeer’

Poles apart from her previous role as Samra in Qayamat, Abeer is not one to cry and pity herself, instead she is fiecre, sly and can easily make someone kneel before her. Playing the girl who will cross all limits in order to achieve what she wants, Amar Khan has impressed us with her performance and has proven her mettle once again with her role as Abeer. Her manipulative self has her poor mother wrapped around her finger and is not afraid to voice out her opinions against her conservative family. However, she certainly has met her match with Junaid who is just as similar to her as possible and is slowly making her regret her decision of marrying him. We’re glad to see Amar Khan has opted not to play the ‘bechari’ in Baddua and we can’t wait to see what fate has in store for Abeer as the drama unfolds.