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Photo: Deevees Official

Mashal Khan on Playing Aleena Ali in 'Lifafa Daayan'

Mashal Khan's Urduflix project is coming soon and fans are already awaiting the emotional rollercoaster!
Updated 05 Jan, 2021 03:55pm

OTT platform 'Urduflix' is releasing a thrilling new web series called Lifafa Daayan where Khaas star Mashal Khan is seen in a rather controversial role as a troubled news anchor, exploring the realms of the human condition.

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Starring in Rao Ayaz Shahzad directorial after her SeePrime short, The Bridge, Mashal is showing us a range of diversity as compared to her previous roles in drama serials as Hareem in Thora Sa Haq or Annie in Dulhan. Instead of a villain or hero role, we see the young actress in a complicated predicament, handling the spotlight and her personal life in a chaotic way, giving us a glimpse at the dark side of fame.

We've asked Mashal a few questions about her exciting venture and what we can expect from Lifafa Dayaan!

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How is it different to work on a web series as compared to a drama?

In web series you get a lot of creative liberty and freedom of expression because there are no regulations as such. The director, the DOP, the writer, me as an actor - all of us had a lot of creative liberty to explore ourselves.

Have you based the character of 'Aleena' on any inspiration or model?

No no, I have not based Aleena on any existing human being. I've worked really hard on this character and I've made her from scratch - but it's all in my head!

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In your opinion how do you think people will respond to Lifafa Daayan?

I think people will really love it! And I also think that they should watch it because it's a brilliant work of art from all sides - the actors have performed wonderfully, the director, the DOP, the music score, the script, everything is so brilliant. Just as a work of art it should be watched and celebrated, especially taking into mind the amount of effort everyone has put into this. I just feel like it's really special, it's a very special concept, special script and the best part is it's not a love story! Finally, we've come out of that love story concept and we're talking about other things because there's a lot more to life than love.

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Will we be seeing more diverse roles of yours on OTT platforms?

Yes actually I have a couple of other projects coming out that I am beginning work on later this month so yes, keep an eye out, I'm looking to explore myself as an actor using these OTT platforms and I hope the audience will like them!