'Qayamat': Will Samra be Able to Keep Up the Facade?

The audience is left wondering whether Samra will be able to survive her loveless marriage to Rashid.
Updated 01 Feb, 2021 06:40pm

GEO's Qayamat is not just trending due to its high ratings or its compelling narrative, but the powerful performances have allowed the audience to not only connect with certain characters, but to empathise and feel their emotions. Invoking that sensation from the viewer itself, the story further intensifies!

The story gets more and more intriguing as the narrative continues. Despite Samra's (Amar Khan) constant cover-ups, Ifrah (Neelam Muneer) seems skeptical of her sister's excuses for Rashid (Ahsan Khan) and how he treats her. With Jawwad (Haroon Shahid) being the voice of reason, it's safe to say the parallels are distinct in the plot with both pairs of siblings going in completely different directions.

The Story

It hasn't even been 2 days into Rashid and Samra's wedding and tensions have already escalated. Despite Jawwad and Nadra (Zainab Qayyum) urging Nargis (Saba Faisal) and Rashid to follow the marital customs, there is no warm welcome or affection present between the newly weds or Samra's new mother-in-law. Constantly throwing jabs her way, Saba Faisal executes the role of 'mean mother-in-law' exceptionally, while worrying about Jawwad's latest decisions, and how they've come about.

The colder Rashid and Samra's dynamic is, the more reason for Jawwad to be the saviour, looking out for his bhabi while developing feelings for Ifrah, whose opinions he seems to respect and value, unlike his older brother. Meanwhile, Samra is slowly falling apart while retaining all the hurtful comments made by her husband, who even discloses his affair with somebody else, Pari (Sana Fakhar).

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Rashid's Rendezvous

Ahsan Khan in an antagonistic role is something else, with his convincing portrayal of a spoilt, menacing and selfish human being who only looks out for his own well being, the audience is convinced to dislike his character. His treatment of Samra makes his case worse, as the viewer is exposed to the stark contrast between how he treats his new wife versus how he behaves around his current flame, Pari. By constantly putting Samra down and assuming the worst, it seems to be foreshadowing what is to come as we see the relationship headed straight towards disaster.

Samra's Silence

Amar Khan does a meticulous job of playing the innocent and humble Samra, whose position as a martyr is justified in this case. To prevent her parents from any shame or pain, she continues to behave as if nothing is wrong with her marriage, when from day one she has been subjected to cruelty from two members of her new household. Albeit intolerable, Samra continues to expect Rashid to behave like somewhat of a husband, which he may choose to do due to the fact that Samra is staying quite about his financial 'investments'. Little does the Mukhtar Sahab clan know about Rashid's dabbling in the world of media, or his assumption of it.

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Jawwad and Ifrah

Neelam Muneer and Haroon Shahid do a wonderful job playing the younger siblings, who genuinely seem to care about Samra and Rashid's relationship, and to make sure no one gets mistreated. Even when Kinza Malik and Noor-ul-Hasan's characters ask him about Rashid's whereabouts, he covers for him, also perhaps because he then has a reason to catch a glimpse of Ifrah, something he does not try to conceal. However, when his mother Nargis catches on, we can only expect trouble in paradise for the budding lovebirds.

What's Next?

We can expect Samra and Rashid's marital life to get a lot more complicated in the following episodes to come, along with Jawwad and Ifrah's friendship blossoming into something more perhaps. As we wait in anticipation, the audience can only expect the situation to intensify, with a talented cast and powerful direction by Ali Faizan, Sarwat Nazeer's excellent penmanship gives us a lot to look forward to.