'Pehli Si Muhabbat': Aslam & Rakshi’s Love Story Intensifies!

'Pehli Si Muhabbat’s' latest episode is a treat for all romance lovers out there!
Published 06 Feb, 2021 10:44pm

The Story So Far

Aslam makes a move to find out Rakhshi’s number from his best-friend, confiding in him about his love for her and thank the heavens the two finally begin speaking over the phone kick-starting the epic love story that we’re all waiting for. On the other hand, things are beginning to worsen for Faizullah and his family after the neighbours have announced a boycott since his marriage to Nargis who they believe will be a bad-influence on their neighbourhood.

From the milkman to Rakhshi’s college van driver, everyone refuses to serve Faizullah’s family. Things escalate between Nargis and Rakshi at home after a heated exchange while Aslam and Akram also get into an argument. Nargis asks Faizullah to let her go because of all the issues she has caused, instead he agrees to move away from the oh-so esteemed ‘mohallah’. Rakhshi and Aslam face difficulties in meeting each other after she stops travelling by the van. A frustrated Aslam forces Rakhshi to come to his house so they are able to meet, and she does end up at his house where she is met with the devastating news of his engagement to his cousin Bushra. Without saying anything, eyes brimming with tears, she runs away from there.

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What We Totally Loved In Today’s Episode!

We absolutely loved the romantic conversation between the love birds Aslam and Rakhshi. The stolen glances, and the ear to ear grins, and Maya Ali’s ‘sharmana’ and Shehryar Munawar’s mischievous smile is bound to make anyone swoon!

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Pehli Si Muhabbat is different from the other dramas that we normally watch, not only does Aslam’s mother believe the neighbours are being unfair to Faizullah but she also schools her son Akram about his naivety and how people are using him for their personal feuds against Faizullah. Saba Faisal definitely does justice to this well executed scene. It still surprises us how effortlessly HSY has pulled off his debut performance as Akram in this play, his scene with Saba Faisal and then with Sheheryar Munawar are epic!

Rakhshi’s Actions Speak Louder Than Her Words

Maya Ali steals the limelight in the closing scene of today’s episode where she learns of Aslam’s engagement. Without uttering a single word, the intensity of devastation she felt could be seen through her eyes, expression and body language.

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Aslam Turns Hero For Rakhshi & Faizullah

Sheheryar Munawar brings the intense cupid-struck hero vibes to this episode when he jumps over buildings, climbs poles and pipes all for catching a single glance of his beau. This episode showed a tremendous growth in Aslam’s character, showing how he truly wants to help Rakhshi and his family during this difficult time.

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What’s Next?

Pehli Si Muhabbat left us with an explosive cliff-hanger, we’re eagerly waiting to see what comes next in this intense story of first love. How will Rakhshi handle the news she’s just received? Will Aslam be able to win her back? Watch the next episode to get your answers!