'Bharaas' Ends With A Bang!

Here's why we can't stop talking about 'Bharaas' and its incredibly emotional ending.
Published 09 Feb, 2021 07:14pm

Bharaas has been raking up the ratings with its final two weeks on screen. With impeccable performances and a storyline tying up all the loopholes, the audience is left shocked with the events that have transpire, leading to the grand finale.

With lies, betrayal and heartbreak adding to the emotional extravaganza, Bharaas has kept viewers hooked to the screen till its last episode.

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The Story

Hassan (Omer Shahzad) finally sees Zoya (Dur-e-Fishan) as innocent, after a confession from Ramzi and Kamal. Furqan Qureshi's Kamal seems to redeem himself to an extent by going and owning up to his faults in front of his wife's ex, after she served him divorce papers and eventually gets him to pay for his crimes. Meanwhile, Zubab Rana spirals out of control as the very insecure Kiran, revealing more and more of her mental instability as she finally succumbs to her inner turmoil after Hassan divorces her the same way he divorced Zoya.

On the other side of the story, Sasha (Rabia Kulsoom) exposes Mahira (Noreen Mumtaz) and her mother's plot, saving Taimoor (Musaddiq Malek) from jail time. Tara Mahmood is unable to play the victim when Sasha finally puts her wits into it and reveals the truth behind the layers of deceit, but alas, Taimoor seems to let bygones be bygones.

Zoya and Hassan

Where do Zoya and Hassan stand? Zoya forgives him after his epiphany when he continuously tries to win her back. Stating that it took men as witnesses to believe her, Zoya stand her ground, refusing to go back to him after the disrespect and humiliation she suffered, all because he couldn't trust her. Now moving on with her life, Zoya has set out on a different track away from here, whereas Hassan is dwelling in regret as he wishes he would've kept Zoya in his life.

Omer Shahzad and Dur-e-Fishan truly put up a fiery performance with their undeniable chemistry as the two protagonists who were left shattered due to the actions of those around them. Their moving performances, especially in the scenes where Hassan and Zoya meet, left viewers on the edge of their seats!

Kamal's Karma

After Kiran, Kamal is perhaps the most unlikable character with his constant threats and insecurity causing him to mistreat Zoya. With his fate sealed, Kamal is unable to escape redemption, leading him to serving out his time in prison, where he is alone with his thoughts as his mother and Zoya are able to move on. Furqan Qureshi's riveting performance is one to note, as his duality as a character is remarkable, causing us to actually take a second and feel a little sorry for him when he exposes Kiran to Hassan, while keeping in mind that his doom has come from his own actions entirely.

A Second Divorce

Both Hassan and Zoya end up divorcing their spouses, but not for each other. Hassan divorces Kiran after discovering that she is behind his father's death and Zoya's plight, leading him to finally say the 3 words she instigated him to say the first time around. After Hassan leaves her life, Zubab Rana gives the audience a thrill with her performance as a character descending into madness. Foreshadowing her mother's (Shaheen Khan) own breakdown, Kiran gives in to her illness, unable to survive her codependency to Hassan, another crucial theme highlighted by Bharaas, which Nain Maniar and Adeel Razzaq as a powerhouse have impeccably emphasised.

With all stories coming to an end, Zoya choosing not to go back to Hassan is a milestone in Pakistani Television, showing her to be a strong and independent woman, alongside her sister Sasha, who impresses us with her diligence despite the aftermath which spares Mahira and her mother. Even Hassan's brother Mansoor (Salman Saeed) seems to be the one rationalizing with his brother over everything that has unraveled.

The finale of Bharaas was bittersweet but the drama is one to remember, with a strong narrative, convincing performances and an ending we can confidently say is different that what we expected.