Qayamat: Amar Khan’s Tragic End Was Heartbreaking!

Qayamat continues its reign over audiences with its intense tale of love, hate and vengeance!
Published 24 Feb, 2021 06:12pm

The Story So Far

Preparations at Ifrah’s (Neelum Muneer) house are well underway for her wedding to Javaid (Haroon Shahid), the couple is ecstatic to be getting married to each. Samra (Amar Khan) is now eight months pregnant and visits the doctor with Rashid (Ahsan Khan), he seems to have had a slight change of heart towards Samra and also takes care of her. However, just when Samra starts believing things are getting better, Rashid’s mistress Pari calls him and he tries hurrying off to meet her. Samra confronts him and begs him not to visit her, Rashid fights her, pushes her with a force and storms off without looking back. Samra suffers a fatal fall and is rushed to the hospital, the doctors were unable to save her but her new born baby girl survives. Ifrah’s and her mother’s earth-shattering screams and cries are sure to bring tears to your eyes when they bid farewell to their beloved Samra.

While Samra lost her battle to death, Rashid was busy fighting over his mistress Pari with another man. The man pulled out a gun and during the struggle, Rashid shot Pari by mistake and was put into jail. Javaid finally got a hold of Rashid at the police station and brought him to Samra’s funeral. Shocked with disbelief Rashid stood there and Ifrah cursed him for all the pain he inflicted on Samra during their marriage.

Rashid’s mother (Saba Faisal) overhears the maid speaking to the house-help about Samra being pushed to her death by Rashid, but she keeps this a secret from all. Ifrah is busy taking care of the baby and remains at Rashid’s house after the insistence of her uncle (Shabbir Jan)

Power-Packed Performances by the Stellar Cast Make Qayamat Worth-Watching!

Amar Khan Steals The Spotlight in her Final Scene!

The gorgeous Amar Khan (Samra) has done wonders in Qayamat, paired opposite Ahsan Khan, she surely has made her mark on the audiences. The compassionate, sweet and angelic Samra was unlucky in love as she lost her first love after being forcefully married off to Rashid. We saw her suffering Rashid’s injustices and in the latest episode she met her tragic end after he pushed her to her death. Amar Khan’s last scene with Ahsan Khan is sure to give you goosebumps! She begged and pleaded Rashid from going to meet his mistress Pari in order to save her marriage. Her screams and cries were extremely realistic and heart-breaking to watch, Amar has outdone herself and we are definitely going to miss watching her in the coming episodes.

Ahsan Khan Gives One of His Finest Performances in Qayamat!

Ahsan Khan has shown the most versatility in his role as Rashid, after absolutely loving him as Umar in Bandhay ek dor se, watching him as the crass, mis-behaved Rashid has been quite the treat for viewers. You cannot stop yourself from hating Rashid every time he appears on screen. Kudos to Khan for his applaud worthy performance in the latest episode, where his wife Samra dies, his eyes carried the guilt he felt and we were able to see a flicker of remorse when he heard the unfortunate news.

What’s Next?

Samra’s death will change everything in Ifrah’s life, we are anxious to see what she does after she finds out what role Rashid played in Samra’s death. Watch the next episode’s promo here: