Qayamat : Ifrah Seeks Vengeance Against Rashid and His Family

Secrets, revenge and devious plots make Qayamat an interesting watch!
Published 28 May, 2021 08:30pm

The Plot

Ifrah who previously found out the truth behind her sister Samra's death seems to have decided to take revenge from Rashid and the entire family. She fakes being domestically abused by Rashid in-front of his father to gain his sympathy, he feels bad for her and slaps Rashid across the face for the way he has treated Ifrah. The entire household is shocked by this and Rashid storms out. On the other hand, she has Jawad dancing to her tunes too, whether it is spoiling his date with Urooj by using her daughter Sana's illness as an excuse or ensuring Jawad knows how badly his mother Nargis and Rashid treat her in the house. Ifrah has decided to spare no-one, she even has Rashids aunt Nadra (Zainab Qayum) on a leash, tricking her into thinking she would let Nadra marry her father Fayaz (Noorul Hassan) in turn Nadra has been flying on cloud 9 thinking she is soon going to marry the 'rich' Fayaz and become powerful like her sister Nargis whom she secretly despises.

Urooj and Jawad meet for lunch and Jawad discloses that his family no longer holds much wealth or property anymore as it has all been transferred to Fayaz who was the true owner all along. He mentions she should think once more before committing to marry him as he is yet struggling financially to make ends meet. Urooj is disappointed to hear this and is not willing to marry him however Nadra shows her the mirror in saying that she wouldn’t get a guy better than Jawad since Urooj is divorced, and a single mother to a little girl.

The secret about Urooj is finally out!

Finally the secret that we had all been waiting for was let out, there certainly was something fishy about Urooj but we definitely did not expect this ! We wonder how far Nadra is willing to go in her grudge against her sister Nargis that she has chosen to hide Urooj's reality from her and has been pressuring Nargis to marry off Jawad and Urooj as quickly as possible.

Ahsan Khan and Neelum Munir display great chemistry on screen

Whether it was their budding romance or the epic squabbles between them, Ahsan Khan and Neelam Muneer are loved by all! Ahsan Khan may be the most problematic personality as Rashid but we must admit he has made this show worth watching with his expressions and applause worthy performances! Neelum Muneer as Ifrah is a treat to watch, it is good to see her act as a vamp in the drama and ensuring Rashid and his Family get a taste of their own medicine.

What’s next for Ifrah, Rashid and Jawad?

Is Ifrah going to disclose what she knows about Rashid to him or anyone else in the house? The show may be dragging a little bit in some parts but the leading cast make it worth the watch! Tune into Geo TV every Wednes6 and Thursday at 8 PM to watch Rashid and Ifrah battle it out!