Pehli Si Muhabbat’s Explosive Episode Leaves Us Shocked!

Rakshi and Aslam's gut-wrenching encounter has amped up the storyline
Published 14 Jun, 2021 01:07pm

Unwanted encounters and secret meetings dominated Pehli Si Muhabbat’s latest episode. With brilliant performances from Maya Ali, Sheheryar Munaver, Rabia Butt, HSY, Uzma Hassan and Salim Mairaj, this love story has now taken a dark turn! Produced under the banner of iDream Entertainment, directed by Anjum Shahzad and penned by Faiza Iftikhar, the drama is finally picking up speed after a slow pace in the last few weeks!

The Plot

Sikandar (Salim Meraj) is out for blood and is using Rakshi in order to hurt Zainab’s family. The episode opens up to Sikander taking Rakshi shopping in her old neighbourhood even after she asks him repeatedly why he would bring her here. He doesn’t stop his cruelty here and takes her to shop from Akram’s (HSY) clothing store. In a shocking twist, it was Aslam’s first day at work in the shop and the two love birds Aslam and Rakshi finally come face to face after a long hiatus. While the two stared helplessly at each other, Sikander probed the situation knowing very well how hurtful it was, he further asked Akram to show bridal dresses for his ‘wife’ to be. Aslam couldn’t bear this torture and had a breakdown in his brother’s arms. Rakshi rushed back home and has refused to marry Sikandar at any cost.

On the other hand, Zainab (Uzma Hassan) has not given up yet and is determined to convince Sikander to let Rakshi go and not repeat history, however Sikandar is on his dangerous path of vengeance which he does not want to give up. Zainab’s persistency may soon get her into trouble with her abusive husband Murad (Paras Masroor) and we are yet to see whether he is going to find out about her meetings with her ex-lover!

Rakshi & Aslam Finally Meet - A Shocking Encounter!

The shocking encounter was extremely difficult to watch and our heart went out to the duo who stared longingly at each other helplessly! Aslam’s line “All colours will look good on her” broke Rakshi and himself and we absolutely loved the dynamic power couple Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munaver on screen together. Aslam dominated this scene while Maya Ali’s Rakshi had a meltdown back home, her screaming in pain and crying for Aslam was a heart-wrenching sight and we couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor damsel in distress.

Is HSY’s Akram Bhaijaan becoming a Softie?

HSY’s portrayal of Akram is spot on and a surprising delight to watch on screen, poles apart from his real self, one could not believe this was HSY’s debut performance. In the latest episode, we saw a caring and understanding side of Akram, pretty shocking after his ‘Hitler’ persona, it seemed that he sympathised with Aslam and felt sorry for the situation he was in, would this mean we will be seeing a new side of Akram in the upcoming episodes?

What’s Next?

Will Rakshi be forcefully married off to Sikander while our Romeo, Aslam watches on or will Zainab ensure that the two love birds do not suffer the same fate that she has? Watch Pehli Si Muhabbat every Saturday on ARY Digital.