Sami Khan is Winning Hearts in Mein Hari Piya as the ‘Ideal’ Husband!

Sami Khan, Hira Mani and Sumbul Iqbal’s intense love triangle has us hooked to the story.
Published 02 Dec, 2021 05:17pm

ARY Digital’s Mein Hari Piya has been riding high on the TRP meter with ratings improving with every episode. Starring Sami Khan, Sumbul Iqbal and Hira Mani in leading roles while while Marina Khan, Maira Khan, Hamza Sohail, Ayaz Samoo, Shaista Jabeen and Hassan Niazi make-up the supporting cast. The drama is produced under the banner of Big Bang Entertainment, directed by Badar Mehmood who has blockbuster dramas including Ishqiya, Cheenkh and Dunk under his belt and is penned down by Qaisra Hayat.

The Plot

The drama follows the story of Fawad, Farwah and Sara, a husband who was forced into getting married a second time due to family pressure only to fill the void left by a childless marriage to the love of his life. Sami Khan’s role as the perfect husband to Sara (Hira Mani) has bowled us over and has won our hearts. Things started to get tricky once Fawad was married to Farwah, she began to play her mind games with her mother in law making sure she turned everyone against Sara. Once she became pregnant, it certainly gave her the upper hand and she hasn’t missed a single chance to degrade Sara since then. Her latest ploy has been convincing her brother in law Saud (Hamza Sohail’s) wife, Hina that Sara and Saud have an illicit relationship between them. It seems like Sara is slowly losing the battle against Farwah, however once again Fawad reassures her that he understands everything and she does not need to explain herself to him. Now that Sara has no support at home except for her husband, we wonder how she will manage living in the toxic environment ruled by Farwah.

Sami Khan essays his role as the ideal husband brilliantly!

Mein Hari Piya has been quite an unpredictable watch, we believed Sara (Hira Mani) would be a sad, depressed and ignored first wife once the second wife, Farwah (Sumbul Iqbal) comes into the picture. However, we were pleasantly surprised when Fawad (Sami Khan) played the most ideal husband in the history of Pakistani dramas, he did end up marrying Farwah because of the pressure his family put on him but this didn’t magically make him forget about the love of his life, Sara. He continues to support her even when the family has slowly been turned against her by Farwah, Fawad has proven to be the most loving husband who trusts his wife over anyone else.

Sumbul Iqbal Shines as the Villain in Mein Hari Piya

During the earlier episodes we were convinced that there couldn’t be a bigger vamp in the story than Maira Khan who plays Mari, Fawad’s sister. She has been causing trouble for Sara and everyone around her since day one. However, Farwah has now beat her to the title and definitely deserves an award for the greatest villain of all time. Every time Farwah comes on screen you can’t help but curse her a little since you already know she’s upto no good. From destroying Sara’s reputation to accusing her of having an affair of sorts with Saud, Farwah is leaving no stone unturned to kick Sara out of the house and have it all for herself. We’re looking forward to seeing her fall flat on her face after her lies and ploys are revealed to all.