Qissa Meherbano Ka – A Dark Chapter Begins!

The drama only seems to be getting more thrilling by the moment!
Updated 21 Dec, 2021 02:22pm

Qissa Meherbano Ka has been a focal point in much of the recent buzz around television dramas, and its sometimes dark and always en pointe dramatics have made it one of the most watched dramas on television right now. From the murky layers put into the show by Ahsan Khan and Mashal Khan to the innocence portrayed by Mawra Hocane, this drama only seems to be getting more thrilling by the moment!

So, then what did the drama bring to us this week that had us yet again on the edge of our seats? Let’s explore…

We last left off Meherbano in a dire situation as the episode ended with Noor discovering her beloved aunt in the bathroom visibly distressed. This week, the episode starts off with the harrowing scene as we see the black and blue bruises. Not only has Murad physically assaulted his wife, but as the gloomy situation takes a turn for the worse, has maritally raped her as well – which although not explicitly said, is quite obvious.

This troubling news isn’t just something triggering to watch in this episode but it also answers questions left unanswered before such as Meherbano’s impending birth of her child with Murad. It is definitely hinted that the dastardly Murad has forced himself onto his wife. In spite of the dark nature of it all, one must commend the way the scene has portrayed and how such a narrative has been put forward. One just wishes though that a quick resolve for Meherbano is in the offing soon and hopefully Ayaz will realise just how much his aunt is suffering for him.

On the other side, the episode progresses with Mehran seeing that Meherbano’s paternal home is being sold – to which he asks that whenever Murad sells it, it is to Mehran. He even goes on to tell this to Noor amongst giving her other important updates.

Meanwhile, there is more bad news present for Meherbano who soon finds Acche Miyan back in the house. The evil house help is not just present but is also of course, hatching yet another sinister plan. Feeling this and being visibly uncomfortable, Meherbano asks Murad to not allow him back in the house as she fears he might do something to Noor.

With all of this happening, and one feeling there can’t be more blows thrown at Meherbano this episode, we now see her being invited alongside Murad for Mehran’s engagement – to which Murad surprisingly agrees to go to as if to mock Meherbano! We see the episode as a melancholic one and of course, one which ends with Meherbano dealing with way more than she should. For Noor though, the episode is pure and we see her sharing a sweet moment with Ayaz.

What will the next episode hold now? We can’t wait to know!