Qissa Meherbano Ka – All’s Coming To A Boil!

The plot gets intense keeping the audiences at the edge of their seats.
Published 18 Jan, 2022 11:39am

Qissa Meherbano Ka has only gone on to the new heights of entertainment in the past few episodes, and it seems it will continue to keep the audiences at the edge of their seats with the twists and turns each episode brings. This week too, fans of the show had tons to keep them glued to their television sets and it surely had a lot to do with how Meherbano and Murad are now at loggerheads – without explicitly putting it out there!

While last week we left the episode with Meherbano and Murad welcoming their child, this episode shows how things are moving with the latter wanting his child to be more like him. Naturally worrying Meherbano, she beings to hatch a plan – which may be the final push out of this troubling situation she calls marriage.

Soon, the episode takes a direction towards the other part of the story, and we see Achay Miyan and Murad’s mother planning to get Noor married off. But to whom exactly? Achay Miyan of course! Planning to make this a ploy through which Meherbano and Noor would be under their influence, they have left no stones unturned to destroy Noor’s life. Fari, hearing all of this, is the only one who is actually the moral compass right now. She visibly looks upset and most definitely is the only one who we feel will speak out about this!

One must add that this feels refreshing to see that Fari – played brilliantly by Mashal Khan, has been shown as a character with more grey tones than just being yet another evil person in the house. Her ability to see justice and truth instead of just being a character full of vitriol is doing wonders and shows a great side to Mashal’s acting repertoire.

While all of this is being planned, we soon find Achay Miyan harassing Noor, reacting to which, Ayaz comes to her rescue and saves her. In turn, Achay Miyan claims the two to be having an affair. Seeing all this commotion, we find Meherbano slapping Noor and kicking the two out of the household. What just happened?

Well, fortunately it has all been a part of the plan, in which Meherbano had found the only way to get the two out of the house to be this as discussed it all with Mehran. Ayaz, as it turns out, has been a part of the plan and was taken into confidence. Ayaz and Noor, now out of the house, turn to Mehran who gets the two to be in a Nikkah. This turn, surely would be loved by all the fans who can’t help but pair Noor and Ayaz to each other!

Despite such moments showing a glimmer of hope this episode, it all comes to a heavy close when it is revealed that Meherbano’s further plan – which is to leave the house with her son – have been overheard by Murad. Not only has the evil and lecherous Murad heard all of the conversation his wife had with Mehran – but now he’s hatching his own dastardly plan as well.

Ahsan Khan, who has been doing a mesmerizing job essaying Murad surely makes the blood boil – in a good way. One cannot help but hate him, and that is a pure compliment to just how brilliantly he turns into the evil one!

Back to the episode, we see it all heading towards a dangerous situation for Meherbano soon, and it seems the upcoming episode will have some scenes that are already frightening us! What will next week bring? We’ll have to wait and see!