With Syed Jibran’s Entry, Dil Ruba Moves Into the Second Phase

The story gets even more exciting with new entries and twists to the story!
Published 14 Jun, 2020 04:42pm

Rarely does a drama in Pakistan change gears like Dil Ruba did in the twelfth week, that too for the better. With the introduction of a new character – Syed Jibran – and the exit of some old ones, it seems that things will change for the better for Sanam (Hania Aamir), but at a cost. The only thing that didn’t make sense was the urgency behind Sanam’s marriage as if someone was about to die and see her get settled in a new house, and become part of a new family. Otherwise, it was another kickass episode that had more highs than lows, for both the characters and the audience.

The Plot

Sanam (Hania Aamir) has her problems solved when Ayaz (Asad Siddiqui) deletes her pictures from his computer, for good but only because he had a gun to his head. Her brother sees their neighbor exiting their house and believes that Sanam is having an affair with him despite being pregnant, when in fact he was helping her with the Ayaz fiasco. She does give birth to Razi’s son who is named by the deceased’s mother (Laila Wasti) and goes onto live with his maternal grandparents. Sanam’s brother wants to get her married quickly and that’s where Khurram (Syed Jibran) comes into the picture. The uber-rich guy wants to get married to Sanam despite her being a widow and a mother, making life easier for Sanam’s family. Will he be as good as he seems or is there another twist in the tale, keep watching Dil Ruba for more updates.

The Good

With Syed Jibran’s near-perfect entry as the recently-divorced millionaire, things seem to change for the better. He looks the part and was expected to make a grand entry but he exceeded all expectations, although it remains to be seen why his character wants a ‘middle-class’ girl when he can afford anyone. Mohib Mirza was relegated to the second lead but was expressive as ever whenever he appeared on the screen. His Sabeeh seems to be so deeply hurt by Sanam’s childish behavior that he doesn’t want to even name with his late brother’s son, even though he loved Razi more than anyone else.

However, the episode belonged to Hania Aamir who was picture-perfect in every frame and looked everything from a grieving widow to a single mother to a young girl who wants to restart her life under better circumstances. Although Syed Jibran’s character finally entered the play with a backstory that seems shady to say the least, it seems his Khurram and Hania Aamir’s Sanam will have a great time in the next episodes. Kudos to Laila Wasti, Marina Khan, Sajeeruddin Khalifa, Durre Fishan and others to keep the drama intriguing with their minor roles that have played a major part in taking Dil Ruba forward.

The Bad

First thing first, Hania Aamir’ character was supposed to be carrying a baby but there were no long shots of her when she was pregnant. Also, the new-born baby in no way looked like a new-born but at least there was a baby, in many plays, they have just used baby dolls. The episode didn’t have the irritating characters from the previous episodes and it seems that with Ayaz’s exit, things are finally moving into the direction for Sanam. However, Ayaz’s exit could have been more dramatic like handing him over to the police or leaving the city because of Sanam’s brother; he didn’t seem like the guy who would run away at the sight of a gun.

The ‘kuch arse baad’ transition also came out as forced, and could have been intelligently executed, considering Sanam’s brother was still in town after so many days, and that too on vacations from a daily wages job abroad. It was good to see Shahroz make a presence in the fast-moving episode but there was no need for the scene; he was complaining to his mother (Huma Nawab) about his forced-fiancée’s WhatsApping routine that disturbed him to say the least and while that seemed like a genuine request from a youngster settled abroad for ‘studying purposes’, he was scolded back by his mother. Then there was the crazy insistence of Sanam’s family on getting her married for the second time, as if they were on a deadline for some reason. Yes, the message it sent was positive that young widow girls with a child should move on with their lives but it seemed forceful than encouraging.

The Verdict: Too Fast, Too Furious, In A Good Way!

The director Ali Hassan seemed to be in a rush but for the benefit of the viewers and that’s what made this episode worth your time. Old characters are things of the past and newer ones take over, promising a better future, or is there more than meets the eye, that’s for the audience to decide. With Hania Aamir’s beauty, Syed Jibran’s entry, Mohib Mirz’s indecisiveness, and Marina Khan’s urgency to get her daughter settled quickly for the second time in less than six episodes, Dil Ruba is becoming more intriguing with every passing week. One hopes that it continues at the same pace and more characters are introduced to make it irresistible in the future.