Usman Mukhtar’s 'Bench' Wins at International Film Festival!

Usman Mukhtar's short film, 'Bench' has won an award at the South Shore Film Festival in New York!
Updated 07 Jul, 2020 07:23pm

Congratulations are in order for Usman Mukhtar and Rubya Chaudhry as their short film, 'Bench' wins an award at the South Shore Film Festival in New York!

The actor and cinematographer took to social media and shared the great news. Usman Mukhtar made his TV debut a year ago with dramatization sequential 'Anaa' nearby Hania Aamir, Shehzad Sheik and Naimal Khawar. The entertainer got positive audits for depicting 'Altamash' in his first TV serial and now he is good to go to show up in two dramatization serials, scheduled to air in the coming months! Currently, he is starring alongside Sarah Khan in 'Sabaat', which is coordinated by Shahzad Kashmiri, who additionally coordinated Anaa. In any case, as watchers, we'll simply need to stand by to get some answers concerning his next TV venture!

Aside from television, Usman Mukhtar, who showed up on the big screen in Janaan (2016) and Parchi (2018), is likewise prepared for a full length film just as a short film, named 'Bench'. In interviews Mukhtar has disclosed that he is very amped-up for the debut of his short film, which stars Rubya Chaudhry and himself. While Usman Mukhtar has helmed the short, it is composed by Ali Mudar and it has been submitted to celebration circuits for thought like the Tribeca Film Festival.

"Bench succeeds at South Shore Film Festival, New York! Much thanks to you Team!" he tweeted.

Many stars in the industry, among Osman Khalid Butt and Shafaat Ali, commended Mukhtar for the film's success.

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Conversing with the media, Mukhtar shared that the group is truly energized by the success!

"We won the Best Short Film at the South Short film celebration, we got the email the previous evening. We're extremely cheerful, truly energized. Due to Covid-19, it wasn't screened in New York. Be that as it may, the adjudicators saw it on the web and afterward chose."

Discussing other global film fest Mukhtar has presented the short to, he uncovered, "The film has been submitted to a ton of film fests, Toronto Film Fest, Cannes and Busan to give some examples. Because of the current circumstance, they're screening the film on the web however we are yet to hear once more from them."

Talking about screening the film in Pakistan, the Parchi star shared, "In the event that Covid wasn't here, at that point I would have screened it for a constrained crowd in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. However, at the present time, we can't be certain in light of the pandemic." Already, discussing the film Mukhtar told the distribution without staying into much detail,

"The film is around two individuals who meet on a seat. It's a discourse based film which takes a fascinating turn and turns."

Rubya Chaudhry, who plays one of the leads in the film depicts it as,

"A cozy discourse between two clashed hearts, hoping to locate their own fact throughout everyday life."

The trailer sees Chaudhry stroll towards a seat in the wake of buying two bundles of cigarettes. As she advances, Her character is giving a monologue to the crowd. About choices she laments one of which she intends to correct. "It takes boldness to settle on intense choices, to compel yourself out of your usual range of familiarity so as to assume responsibility for your fate," she says. "Bench decides to investigate one such relationship; that defining moment where you could either settle with the cards you've been managed or think outside the box to locate your own reality."

Directed by Mukhtar with the content written by Ali Mudar, 'Bench' is an exchange driven film that sees two individuals, as of now at a troublesome intersection of their particular lives, go over each other. As of late, Mukhtar likewise shared the banner of Bench on his Instagram handle and inscribed it,

"A film isn't made by one individual; it's made by the whole group. I was lucky enough to have the most astonishing group who dealt with this and I can't thank all of you enough!!! The official celebration entries have begun. I present you the official banner of our short - Bench."