Juggun Kazim Welcomes a Baby Girl

Actor and host, Juggun Kazim, has announced the birth of her little girl on Instagram!
Published 12 Oct, 2020 01:04pm

Juggun Kazim has welcomed her little girl with husband Feisal Naqvi into the world with a sweet post on social media, announcing the arrival of Syeda Noor Bano Naqvi.

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The Vasl actor previously announced the planning and set up of her daughter's room which she decorated herself and even shared a video behind her interior design process, emphasising on the special occasion to come with followers and fans alike!

'As this is my first baby girl (after two sons) I decorated her room with a lot of effort, excitement & love. I kept the theme pink, grey and white while redoing and reusing a few old items. Some were gifts while others I already had but all had one thing in common i.e a lot of emotional attachment & loads of love.'

We congratulate the happy parents with the blissful birth of their first daughter as a wonderful little addition to their family!