Malala Yousafzai uses quarantine to create a new look

Her friend and hairstylist JVN approves.
Published 30 Mar, 2020 04:36pm

There’s not much to do during quarantine, so Malala Yousafzai chose to cut her fringe and shared a picture of her new look on Instagram.

She captioned the picture with a dialogue between her and the acclaimed hairstylist, and a dear friend of Malala, Jonathan Van Ness.

Here's how the conversation unfolds:

Jonathan Van Ness: Don’t try new lewks during quarantine. Me: Cuts my own fringe, @jvn – how did I do?

The podcaster in true JVN-fashion style responded:

You slayed it honey!!!

While we are all social distancing, it’s good to practice skills such as cutting your own hair maybe. We loved the fringes on Malala, what do you think of this new look?