Lucifer Is Back With a Firey New Season!

Our favourite devil is back in the flesh as season 5 rolls around the corner...or is he?
Updated 16 Jul, 2020 06:54pm

All hell breaks loose as Lucifer returns in his blazing glory ! Leaving us with bated breath, eager for more after the epic season 4 finale with Chloe and Lucifer sharing one of the series' most highly anticipated moments. Lucifer indeed does the responsible thing and goes back to Hell, as only a celestial can rule, and we all know the Nephilim baby Charlie is incapable.

With Amenadiel, Eve, Maze and Linda on his side, Samael bids adieu to Detective Decker in a heartbreaking scene, after they declared their love for one another. Opening up his wings and flying down to become the King of Hell once again, the series ends with the charismatic Devil on his throne.

With it's release date set for August 21st, the first part of the 5th season will begin streaming on Netflix to every 'lucifan's' delight. But what can we expect from the trailer of the second last season?

Lucifer ascends from Hell

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The Crowned Prince of Darkness is seen back and ready to rattle the cage... but is it really Lucifer? We soon find out that Mazikeen discovers the identity of Lucifer's twin brother, Michael, after an altercation with the typical Maze reaction to being left on Earth. We start to wonder, who is Michael and how did he get out of Hell? Why is he calling himself 'Lucifer 2.0' and when the real Lucifer comes back, is it too late to rectify the chaos?

What happens to our favourite workaholic?

Chloe Decker braved up and declared her love for Lucifer in the season 4 finale. Albeit, a little too late, the detective seems to once again find herself in the dark when Michael replaces the real Lucifer. The line we hear is that Detective Decker plans to once again submerge herself into her work, with Dan forever maintaining the same composure with the twin brothers. Although, Ella Lopez is not happy about the "ghosting" situation.

What happened to baby Charlie and Linda?

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We catch a glimpse of the morally conflicted Amenadiel in the trailer for season 5 but how is his family holding up? Has baby Charlie grown up and have Linda and him reconciled? We are soon to find out!

Lucifer 2.0

Although we are briefly introduced to Michael Morningstar we see Lucifer coming back from Hell eventually in his winged-and-whiskey glory. But we can't help but wonder how long the Devil has been on his throne since we were last acquainted and why does he have wings?! His twin says 1000 years but we are yet to get to the bottom of it!

With all the new and exciting surprises awaiting us in season 5, fans are honestly elated that the beloved and popular series has been renewed for a 6th and final season. Looking towards delving into the fantasy world of historical sarcasm, satire, laughter and emotions.

We can all hope and keep our fingers crossed that Chloe and Lucifer finally get to be together or simply relish in the fact that we do not need to say goodbye too soon!