Asim Azhar Weighs in on the 'PUBG Ban'

Asim Azhar has voiced his opinion on how banning culture will not help the country's plight regarding future digital prospects.
Updated 28 Jul, 2020 02:29pm

'PlayerUnknown's Battleground', also known as 'PUBG' has been a rife topic of discussion recently, with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority requesting its ban whereas others, including popular YouTuber, Waqar Zaka, fighting in court to un-ban the game.

Blamed for suicides, accidental deaths and injuries, authorities in Pakistan decided to put an end to allowing the game to continue. Similarly with the app 'Bigo' banned, 'TikTok' and 'YouTube' had come under the radar, before celebrities protested 'banning digital culture'. Regarding PUBG, Zaka has time and time again emphasised, since the decision was made, that it was inhibiting electronic advancement and development, calling for a 'Digital Dharna' to request Prime Minister Imran Khan to lift the ban.

Subsequently, with several apps more or less being on the verge of being banned or indefinitely suspended, celebrities have taken to twitter to express themselves. Many believe that PUBG and the banning of social media apps, is like restricting cultural growth and freedom of expression itself.

Contemporaries such as Asim Azhar, Hania Aamir and Shamoon Ismail have all publicly protested against the 'medieval practice' of banning a way of life or ideology. The Soneya singer also reached out to Waqar Zaka, asking him if there is any way he can help with the situation.

"I want to live in a country where there is no banning culture. Where the youth has enough awareness to know whats right & wrong for them. For that we must invest everything we can in our basics & schooling to get results in coming years. Not by banning games."

Asim Azhar also brings light to the fact that no hate speech is of use in this protest to lift the PUBG ban, but it can be a peaceful one, highlighting why the banning of games, programs, applications etc, will only hinder growth and development further.

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