Aagha Ali Faces Backlash After 'Fat-Shaming' Hina Altaf

Aagha Ali has recently come under fire for his reportedly offensive comments towards wife Hina Altaf's weight.
Updated 11 Aug, 2020 02:49pm

Aagha Ali has come under scrutiny for 'fat-shaming' as it was revealed in an interview with Nida Yasir and wife, Hina Altaf, that the one promise made before their nuptials was the actress not gaining weight.

Many of Aagha's came to his aid to say they share similar views but others were not so willing. The comments about fat-shaming his wife and generally bringing up the topic is bound the land the actor in fire on social media. However, the actor shared a story on his social media platform to 'clarify his stance'.

The Dil-e-Gumshuda actor emphasised via his Instagram story that his intention was 'pure' as he claimed a director or a producer 'would not hire an overweight heroine'. Now, social media has brought this to light, highlighting the bias in society, and how Aagha's insensitive comments have not been dismissed without a considerable reaction.

Ali stated on his story that he was willing to have a discussion on Instagram Live with fans, dissecting the matter in detail, so that there were no misconceptions of sorts. The issue at hand has raised a bigger issue entirely. Fat-shaming actresses, women in the industry does not seem to be focused on as much as it should be.

Aagha Ali is one of many who has landed himself in hot water after telling Hina Ali not to gain 'unnecessary weight'. The concept of unnecessary weight is one's choice and should be emphasised instead of expecting said 'overweight' heroine's not to be hired.

After Aagha's story, fans reached out to the actor to agree with his sentiments, but there is a graver issue than it appears. Weight is not only a sensitive topic, especially in the industry, but needs to be more explored in society. The insensitive comment made by the actor is linked to the main problem, how the world perceives 'overweight', 'chubby' or 'less than perfect'.

All in all, it is 'fat-shaming' in this day and age to have any opinion on another person's weight, and sharing that with the public has made it a public debate.