'Saraab': The Most Underrated Drama on Air Right Now!

'Saraab' is getting more and more intense with each passing episode!
Published 22 Jan, 2021 05:15pm

The Sami Khan and Sonya Hussyn starrer Saraab has been a treat to watch. The psychological thriller has kept audiences at the edge of their seats with twists and turns along the way!

With the drama nearing its climax, Saraab has captured the life of a schizophrenic pretty accurately. A bold subject for Pakistani television that has been executed brilliantly by director, Mohsin Talat.

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The Story So Far

Hoorain announces her pregnancy to Asfandyar and he is visibly upset and shocked over the news due to the complications it may cause to her illness. The wedded couple are in one moment seen head over heels with each other while the next minute Hoorain is suspicious of Asfandyar due to the hallucinations she sees due to her illness.

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Namal, played by Nazish Jehangir, is plotting a vicious plan to break Hoor and Asfandyar apart and takes undue advantage of her sister's sickness by fueling the matter further. On the other hand, Varda and her husband try to figure out a way to save their marriage which at the moment is hanging by a thread. Back at Asfandyar’s home, his mother worries whether they have been too involved in their son and daughter-in-law’s lives to notice how it has affected their daughter’s life.

The Good

The scene where Hoorain finds out about Asfandyar meeting Namal secretly, she has a breakdown, her ear-piercing screams sent a chill down our spine. It was extremely heart-breaking to watch someone already battling with mental illness also having to endure the hate thrust to her by her very own sister. Sonya Hussyn stole the episode when she continued to savagely chop her hair, laughing and crying hysterically at the same time. Sami Khan shines through as the most doting and patient husband ever, the way he handles his wife during her breakdown and is fighting tooth and nail for her health has us falling in love with him even more!

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We absolutely love how Saraab has shown a positive saas-bahu relationship between Hoorain and her mother-in-law. We have seen how Asfandyar’s mother has shown the utmost care to Hoorain during her worst time and treats her as her own daughter.

Kudos to Mohsin Talat for the exceptionally brilliant execution and of course, the stars of the show Sami Khan and Sonya Hussyn who have been performing each scene with such finesse!

The Bad

The psychological thriller that Saraab was meant to be has now been mixed up with a love triangle that we see in every Pakistani drama out there on our screens. Pursuing this bold topic of mental illness the drama could have gotten away without adding the ‘mirch masala’ that comes with a conniving sister who is yet again after her own sister’s husband.

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Saraab may have been better off if the story had not turned into the same saga of a blood-thirsty sister running after another’s husband. It wouldn’t hurt scriptwriters to move away from the normal love triangle and bitter family politics.

What’s Next? We are anxiously waiting to see how the story unfolds. Will Hoorain and Asfandyar’s love be strong enough to withstand the hurdles caused by her sickness? Will Namal succeed in tearing Hoorain and Asfand apart? Watch the next episode to find out!