Mere Humnasheen Episode 22: Darakhzai Does it Again

In episode 22, Khajista faces new difficulties at the medical camp, while Darakhzai continues his devious acts.
Published 21 Jul, 2022 09:59pm

In episode 22, Khajista faces new difficulties at the medical camp. Darakhzai continues to act berserk and does everything in his power to humiliate Khajista in front of her friends.

The episode starts with Aima and Hadi bickering about staying at Khajista's house. Aima feels suffocated in their tribal and orthodox lifestyle, but Hadi insists they stay at Khajista's.Aima being aware that Hadi is only doing all of this because he has feelings for Khajista. Apparently, Aima too declares that she is supportive of Hadi’s feelings. But in reality, Aima has some vile plans for Khajista. Aima is seen discussing something with Saif Khan’s rival, Bahram Khan. Bahram Khan considers this an opportunity to malign the Saif family and assures Aima that he will assist her in her evil plan.

Back at the medical camp, things are going pretty smoothly, when Aima tells Khajista to check male patients instead. Khajista is hesitant to examine male patients since she is aware of how this could harm her reputation.

Darakhzai encounters Bahram Khan on the way to the medical camp, who stirs up the pot by provoking Darakhzai about his fiance checking his pulse. Darakhzai is enraged by this and rushes to the medical camp out of rage. He creates a big scene when he gets to the camp by yelling at Khajista and Hadi and drawing his gun, as he normally does. Darkhzai's reckless behavior enrages Hadi as well, who tells him to act however he pleases.

Khajista pleads with Darakhzai to stop the madness and goes back home with him. He drags Khajista and throws her close to a table, causing Khajista to suffer an injury and bleed. Everyone at home is quite upset and mortified by Darakhzai's reaction. Khajista's Bhabi is pressuring her husband to consider calling off this engagement since Khajista, who is now a doctor, and Darakhzai, a conservative tribal man who is illiterate, are not a good match.

Ahsan Khan played Darakhzai so convincingly in this episode that it was impossible not to hate Darkhzai . He performed his scenes with such incredible intensity that he literally stole the show. Earlier, people were not too pleased with the casting choices, but as the story is unfolding, it seems like all the actors are perfect for their respective roles.

The promo for the next episode has hinted that the men in the family are now thinking of ending this incompatible engagement between Khajista and Darakhzai. We are eager to see if there is going to be a happy ending for Khajista and Hadi.