Habs Episode 12: Case of The Brown Envelope

It's Tuesday once again, and our screens and eyes have been graced with more of Ayesha and Basit's strange but truly...
Published 05 Aug, 2022 11:40pm

It's Tuesday once again, and our screens and eyes have been graced with more of Ayesha and Basit's strange but truly heart melting chemistry. The two appear to be getting along, but Basit's unwanted arrogance brings things back to where they started after they married.

Habs, a drama starring Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan that airs on Ary Digital every Tuesday, has received a lot of love and appreciation for its simple yet ubiquitous story. The story isn't unique, but it's made interesting by the duo's excellent acting and amazing direction and execution. Habs is the story of a young man who is filthy rich but comes from a broken family in which his mother abandoned him when he was a child. Basit (Feroze Khan) now despises marriage and women as a result of this. Meanwhile, Ayesha(Ushna Shah) is a young woman who is a brilliant student but comes from a very middle-class family and has been forced to work rather than continue her studies despite receiving a scholarship. Ayesha begins working as Basit's Personal Assistant, and the two end up marrying because Basit is bound by his father's will, which requires him to marry in order to own his entire wealth and business. Ayesha marries Basit to escape her family's never-ending responsibilities and to make her mother happy.

It's episode 12 and the story is gradually progressing, and while it appeared that Ayesha and Basit were accepting each other as better halves, the issue of a brown envelope containing something important, which Basit handed over to Ayesha at the reception, arises. When Basit asks about the brown envelope, she says her mother (Saba Faisal) took it from her on stage. Despite the fact that it is nearly midnight, a furious Basit goes to Ayesha's house to retrieve the envelope.

Bano (Dania Anwer) answers the door and is surprised to see Basit at such an ungodly hour. Basit inquires about the envelope, and Ayesha's mother informs him that she was planning on returning the envelopes to them because they had salami from their friends. Basit asks her to keep the other envelopes and just hand him a brown envelope because it contained some very important document. Qudsia begum initially refuses, but upon his insistence, accepts the salami envelopes.

The next morning, Bano (Dania Anwer) decides to return all of Basit's envelopes because she found Basit's tone to be condescending. Despite her mother protesting, Bano takes all the envelopes to return to Basit. While Bano was getting ready to go, Zoya (Jannice Tesa) takes all the money out of the envelopes and puts the empty envelopes back in her bag. This obviously worsens rather than improves their situation.

Ayesha, on the other hand, is enraged by Basit handing her a paycheck of sorts and telling her that she will receive this more like her salary every month in order to fulfil her responsibilities without having to work. This offends her and wrecks her self-esteem.

Basit's mother (Irsa Ghazal) explains to Ayesha why he behaves the way he does and pleads her never abandon him like she herself did. She also informs Ayesha that she is now in charge of the house and Basit's responsibilities, and that she should treat his needs and the house as if they were her own. Ayesha tries to learn everything she can about Basit's routine and cooks food for him, and despite his usual cold demeanor, it appears that angry young Basit was smitten by Ayesha's care. When he asks Ayesha to send him the files of one of their clients that she was handling, Ayesha does so right away. Basit can sense Ayesha is missing work as she transfers files to Basit's laptop.

The episode made no major advances and seemed more like a filler or link episode to lay the groundwork for something big to happen in the following episodes. Ushna Shah's performance was simply outstanding, especially when she was yelled at for losing the envelope. When you see Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan as Basit and Ayesha, you get the impression that these are real people's lives. This is most likely due to the story being relatable to many, but it's also because the two actors play their respective characters so convincingly.

The next episode appears to be revealing something major, and unfortunately, it it seems that things will worsen between our not-so-in-love birds. Have you seen this week's episode yet? What are your thoughts on Basit and Ayesha? Do you think they're finally getting along, or is it too soon to tell?