Habs Episode 28: Soha Strikes Again

It appears like Soha is gathering explosives to blow things up between Ayesha and Basit. She is determined to ...
Published 22 Nov, 2022 12:37am

It appears like Soha is gathering explosives to blow things up between Ayesha and Basit. She is determined to prevent Basit and Ayesha from living a happy life after learning all there is to know about their marriage.

Habs is a popular Ary Digital drama that has fans all around the world. The drama's script was written by Aliya Makhdoom and is directed by Musaddiq Malek. This is a tale of two people who are wed, but not for reasons of love or any other kind; rather, Ayesha (Ushna Shah) and Basit (Feroze Khan) each have their own reasons and compulsions. Their marriage initially experienced some serious setbacks as a result of Basit's inability to get past his traumatic experiences and Ayesha's inability to comprehend them. However, after the couple experienced some significant difficulties that made them realise they had both grown in love with one another, their loveless and unhappy marriage has now changed into a loving one.

In this episode, Ayesha and Basit are all set to go on their honeymoon, but they both stop by Ayesha's mother's house first. While conversing there, Basit asks Qudsia begum (Saba Faisal) that he wants everyone to move on from the past because he truly loves Ayesha. Basit's expressiveness makes Ayesha blush while also making her happy. Bano (Dania Anwar) prevented Qudsia Begum from seeking help from Basit about their house getting sold, telling her that she would only be treating this professionally.

At his office, Soha(Ayesha Khan) learns that Basit and Ayesha have left for their honeymoon, which naturally enrages her because Basit thankfully did not tell her anyting about that. However, Soha appears to be somewhat annoyed by Bano's presence. After learning everything about Ayesha and Bano from Jawad, Soha does everything in her power to make Bano look bad. T things don't seem to be going well because Soha keeps pushing Bano with her superiority complex.

Not only Jawad, but Fahad (Musaddiq Malek) also revealed every detail of Basit and Ayesha's marriage, including the fact that Ayesha's mother accepted payment in exchange for arranging Ayesha's marriage to Basit. Fahad informs her that after Soha refused to wed Basit, Basit was compelled by his father's will to retain his business and wed Ayesha. Ayesha's mother accepted payment in exchange for arranging her daughter's marriage to Basit, and Jawad and Fahad both revealed every aspect of the Basit and Ayesha's nuptials. Fahad explains to her that after Soha declined to wed Basit, his father's will compelled Basit to maintain his business and wed Ayesha.

Soha connected the dots and understood why Basit had been so bent on getting married when they first got engaged. Soha naturally complains about Basit not telling her about their trip when he returns from the honeymoon. She questions about Bano, asking why he chose to pick a completely incompetent person. Basit shuts her up by telling that Bano may have been appointed as a favor to Ayesha but she has always proven her professional competence and has never disappointed him. He also tells her that Bano is family and is obviously special.

Bano asks Basit about the loan application,. He offers to find them a house, but Bano declines to accept any further favours from him. Soha hears them discussing the breakdown of Basit and Ayesha's marriage and the amount he gave to Qudsia to buy the house.

After Zoya (Jannice Tessa) admits she wouldn't make the same mistakes again, Amir forgives her. Following her false pregnancy announcement, Amir is treating Zoya to some pampering. To assess whether everything is alright with her and the baby, Amir's mother advises that they visit a doctor for a checkup. Now that Zoya is concerned that her lie would be caught, she calls Qudsia, but she hangs up and tells her to solve her problems on her own because they already have a lot going on.

The episode appeared more like a prologue to the mayhem Soha will cause. This week's show left us a little underwhelmed because there simply wasn't enough of Ayesha and Basit. The viewers would have adored seeing some of their long-awaited honeymoon scenes. The portrayal of Soha by Ayesha Khan in this episode was excellent because she perfectly conveyed the attitude of those with a superiority complex. Her portrayal of Soha was greatly enhanced by her body language, wardrobe, and the way she delivered her lines.

We adore the fleeting affection Ayesha and Basit share and the lavish surprises Basit is constantly bestowing upon Ayesha in an effort to win her heart. We adored Basit's declaration of love for Ayesha at her mother's house as well as the surprise at the poolside. Which scene from this week's episode was your favorite?