Lockdown Eases As Cases Increase

The easing of the lockdown sees citizens out and about, ignoring the consequences as the death toll increases.
Updated 21 May, 2020 06:45pm

The Government's decision and uncertainty regarding the end of lockdown is met with a rather indifferent reaction from the people.

With Eid Holidays approaching and the decision to open shops and eventually malls, people are taking their families on "eid shopping sprees" in crowded market areas which have been reported by others who observe the erratic overcrowding with the situation growing worse.

Image Credit: APP
Image Credit: APP

The death rate in Pakistan has reached 46 per day, roughly over 1,000 reported deaths and more than 50,000 cases since May, yet the rush does not come to a halt or follow the SOP's (Standard Operating Procedure).

Due to the adverse effect on the economy and terrible financial impact, Prime Minister Imran Khan has defended the lifting of the lockdown as he had earlier claimed that our economy was not equipped to handle an indefinite suspension, as millions of underprivileged families were already suffering a horrendous ordeal and hardship coping with the failing economy. With the opening up of certain businesses, the service industry and retail stores, the main sector which continues to remain closed is the Education Sector.

Despite a disregard for special safety precautions in the nation, the growth of cases has remained steady, doubling every 10 days or so but healthcare experts and doctors are fearful that Pakistan's healthcare system will not be able to withstand an increase in the number of cases should the virus spread.

Punjab Health Minister, Yasmin Rashid has attested that despite the relaxation of lockdown, this does not guarantee Covid 19's elimination. The country is yet to see the loss of more lives as the country's economic situation has been reported to get worse as the current pandemic intensifies its grip on the predicament.