Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay: Kubra Khan is the Ultimate Villain of 2021

Will this drama have a happy ending? We are highly doubtful
Published 13 Sep, 2021 06:09pm

Another week, another melancholic episode of Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay!

But this time, the hostility and sourness between relationships were way too high amongst all characters. Will this drama have a happy ending? We doubt it because the novel penned by Umera Ahmed surely had a miserable conclusion to the story.

So our hopes are very low that any of the characters will enjoy a happy fate in the plot. Let’s take a quick review of what happened this Sunday in the story, starring Kubra Khan, Usman Mukhtar, and Mahira Khan in lead roles.

Mehreen and Aswad’s bitter-sweet union

The episode marked the union of Mehreen (Mahira Khan) and Aswad (Usman Mukhtar) as they got engaged in a hasty ceremony, but this surely was not what they both desired.

Apparently, in the goal to pacify his mother, Aswad tells Saleha that he will marry Mehreen if she agrees to this marriage. He was sure that Mehreen will reject the proposal but things take an interesting turn.

Firstly, he finds Mashal’s mother ‘Shagufta’ (Zainab Qayoom) extremely disrespectful towards his mother. He is already in deep shock over her attitude and gets a bigger surprise when he finds out that Mehreen has agreed to tie the knot with him.

Surely, upon discovering that Aswad will marry her if she agrees and in an aim to avenge Mashal, Mehreen takes this bold step. We all know she harbors a crush on her cousin. However, she realizes that Aswad is not happy with this decision and her hatred for Mashal surely is one of the reasons she wants to go ahead with this proposal.

With Saleha ( Huma Nawab) and Rabia (Laila Wasti) extremely excited about the engagement of their children, they act impulsively and perform the ring ceremony on the spot, later followed by a very awkward dinner.

All hell breaks loose once Mashal finds out that Aswad has dropped Mehreen home that night. She throws a tantrum, slaps Mehreen, and threatens her to stay away from her love. The next morning is even more terrible for our vamp! She swears to marry Aswad even if she has to face death for it and warns him he cannot marry anyone if he cannot marry her.

Meanwhile, Saffan (Haroon Shahid) is heartbroken now that Mehreen has turned him down. Her friend Sheeba is against Mehreen as well for making Saffan wait all this time, only to reject him.

It is nothing new for our heroine though. For half her life, people have failed to understand her and turned against her. But this time she is adamant to marry Aswad and doesn’t even pay heed to her Nani's (Shamim Hillaly) taunts. She has made her mind and nothing will make her break the engagement, even if it will ruin her life in the future.

Kubra Khan is the most haseen vamp ever!

Truly, she is the ultimate villain of 2021 and one look at the comments on the episode uploaded on YouTube proves that viewers of the drama hate her, but are in awe of her beauty at the same time.

So much so, people are labeling her as the most beautiful villain they have seen. But apart from Kubra’s looks, her performance was at par this week. Her anger and frustration were on point. She was on fire with fury and the scene where she slaps Mahira was aptly performed. It made us want to kill Mashal and Mahira’s acting was equally incredible. Red-faced and shivering, she picks up her glasses and tries to calm herself-making us feel for Mehreen and her misery.

Usman Mukhtar, as usual, was expressionless like he usually is in all episodes. However, he appeared all the more somber and melancholic, given the nature of events. Is there any further shade to his character that we will see him perform a little differently, we are very curious to find out!