Ishqiya Finale: The Drama Finally Ends With No Mercy for Hamza

Here's our take on the finale of Ishqiya! The drama ends with no compassion for Hamza.
Updated 12 Aug, 2020 02:30pm

Ishqiya pulled off a double episode this week in light of finally bringing the drama to an end! Quite honestly, we couldn’t have been more relieved that the story now finally got the closure it deserved and an ending that its loyal fans really needed.

No Redemption for Hamza

Now that everyone knows the entire spectacle created by Hamza, the finale became all about confrontations. Consequently, there were too many emotional sermons given to each other by all the characters. However, a few scenes surely stood out!

The episode kick-started with Rumi (Hania Aamir) delivering a much-needed and powerful speech, exposing Hamza (Feroze Khan) in front of his entire family. Rumi delivered the entire central idea of Ishqiya in her dialogues i.e. that true love is all about protection and never about vengeance. A man shouldn’t get away so easily for blackmailing a woman and should suffer from the same degradation he intends the woman to go through.

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The most epic scene was the tight slap given to Hamza by his mother as she shamed him for ruining so many lives in the process. It was a relief as he so much deserved it.

One after the other, Hamna (Ramsha Khan), Azeem (Gohar Rasheed), and Hamza’s mother (Seemi Pasha) all ask for forgiveness from Rumi. However, Rumi who was expecting, unfortunately miscarried her child amidst all the stress and tension.

Azeem finally decided to begin a new life with Hamna by deleting her past from their relationship. But Rumi wants a divorce from Hamza. She begins a new chapter in her life and returns to teaching children at her old school. The drama ended showing Hamza in isolation, reflecting upon his past and contemplating the revenge he plotted to ruin Hamna all along. Meanwhile, Hamna was all set to become a mother and her life with Azeem couldn’t have been better.

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Hania Aamir and Feroze Khan Are the Real Reason behind Ishiyq’s success

If truth be told, it was not an easy feat being a weekly viewer of Ishqiya. The episodes were sometimes too cumbersome to watch; with weak developments, various loopholes, clichéd story, and boring scenes.

If it would not have been the star power of Feroze and Hania, we believe Ishqiya would never have garnered so many eyeballs. The chemistry was indeed the highlight of the drama and their couple will be shipped for years to come. People will most definitely want to see them together again.

There was no smoke and sizzle between Ramsha and Gohar. While Gohar did win us over in most scenes and did justice to his character, we wish Ramsha’s role was given more room to grow and express herself. This caused Ramsha to portray a flat tone of a performance and we are sure she has immense potential to deliver a lot more than just crying on screen.

We are glad that Hamza wasn’t granted forgiveness in the end to deem him a hero. Men like him surely deserve no mercy. It is a pity that Rumi lost so much in this manipulation. But that is how life is. A lot of souls suffer because of the errs of one vile person. The drama remained true to this reality.

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