5 Pakistani Dramas to Binge Watch this Independence Day!

Pakistan is all set to celebrate its 75th Independence Day this year. While the country has been facing its ups and...
Published 14 Aug, 2022 03:08am

Pakistan is all set to celebrate its 75th Independence Day this year. While the country has been facing its ups and downs this past year, 14th August gives us the chance to reflect upon the many positives this beautiful nation has to offer. Pakistanis are known to celebrate Azaadi with great excitement, zeal and fervour.

For creating the perfect Independence Day mood, we have created a roundup of the best dramas to binge watch this weekend that is surely going to put you in the patriotic spirit. From the iconic Alpha Bravo Charlie to the latest hit sensation to hit our screens, 'Ehd e Wafa' we have a list of the 5 must watch dramas that will remind you of the partition and the sacrifices that led to Pakistan's independence.

Check out these 5 dramas this 14th August!

Alpha Bravo Charlie

The evergreen drama has won hearts of the Pakistani audiences since its initial release decades ago, while some believe it is the best Pakistani drama to date, Alpha Bravo Charlie definitely has a special cult following of its own!

Alpha Bravo Charlie was created by ISPR and Shoaib Mansoor. The tale of ever lasting friendship between Faraz (Faraz Inam), Kashif (Captain Abdullah Mehmood) and Gulsher (Captain Qasim Khan) was a treat to watch and is a fond remembrance of the beautiful golden era of the Pakistani dramas. This drama serial is based on the army and is sure to give you the patriotic boost you're looking for! Alpha Bravo Charlie still remains a favourite and is amongst the most re-watched shows on youtube too.


The super-hit Pakistani periodic drama aired on television in 2018, the story was based on the partition of the Indian Subcontinent and the resulting independence of Pakistan. Aangan was the story of a Hindustani family that was divided due to the partition in 1947 and had to face the unfortunate atrocities that later followed.

Based on a novel by Khadija Mastoor, the director, Ehteshamuddin praised the simplicity of the novel, "It sheds light on the revolution that women went through in those times", and "Set in an inner courtyard, the story has been told from the perspective of a woman.

The drama features popular stars Ahsan Khan, Mawra Hocane, Sajal Aly, Sonya Hussayn, Ahad Raza Mir, Hira Mani and Rabia Butt amongst others.

Ehd e Wafa

The story of four friends who met in cadet college and then became friends for life is what Ehd e Wafa was all about. While only one of the friends chose the path to serve the nation, the others were also working for the country in various capacities. The show gave a wonderful message to the youth about staying true to the country, putting the nation before anything else and always doing the right thing no matter what. The show starred the young studs, Osman Khalid Butt, Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmed Ali Akbar and Wahaj Ali in lead roles.

Sunehre Din

Sunehre Din was the highlight of the timeless golden era of PTV dramas and remains evergreen till date. The drama was based on the young cadets of the Pakistani Military Academy in Kakul, it is a light-hearted, fun and entertaining watch which the youth can relate to.


While the other dramas on our list are light-hearted, Daastan makes it to this list for being one of the most heartbreaking shows we've come across on the topic of partition. This iconic serial has our heart and most of the episodes will leave you weeping. The heart-wrenching stories of the incidents during the partition and the events that unfolded later on will give you a sense of pride for the freedom fighters and the innocent people who gave their lives for an independent Pakistan and its freedom. Starring Sanam Baloch, Fawad Khan, Ahsan Khan, Saba Qamar and the legendary actors Samina Peerzada and Qavi Khan.