Kuch Ankahi Episode 19: Will Sofia say, I do?

The brave Thanvi has finally decided to wed Sofia, but Sofia is adamant on teaching him a lesson!
Published 26 May, 2023 08:25am

The brave Thanvi has finally decided to wed Sofia, but Sofia is adamant on teaching him a lesson. However, following Salman's persuasion, Sofia appears to be considering Thanvi as a potential partner.

Agha Ji’s House:

Thanvi phones Agha Ji and tells him he would be arriving with a proposal for Sofia. The entire family is currently bracing for Sofia's fury because they know how she would respond. Sofia is locked up in Agha Ji's room by Tania and Alia in order to prevent Thanvi's head from being broken. Sofia knows they're all up to something, so she keeps yelling and threatening them while trying to escape.

She eventually manages to escape, and after telling Agha Ji about his proposal and witnessing her anger, Thanvi flees for his life. Shammo congratulates Sofia for fixing her marriage, and when she hears this, she chases after him. Along the way, she runs into Salman, who frightfully persuades her that Thanvi is a great man since he is determined and genuinely loves her, and that she should think about getting married to him.

Following this, Sofia is continually enraged and shouts that she knows why these conspiracies are occurring, that she won't give up on her position, and that she will now show no mercy. Agha Ji has had enough by this point and reprimands Sofia, reminding her that he is her older brother and acts as a father figure to her. Agha Ji tries to persuade her that if she doesn't want to marry Thanvi, they can find her other suitors but she won't find a better man than Thanvi. He requests that she cease fussing and give the matter some calm thought. The girls are really pleased with Agha Ji's handling of the matter.

Saif and Samia:

Samia receives the check for the advance payment and purchased a generator for her house.

However, Zareena was eager to learn where all the money came from but Samia told her that it had neither been bought with Saif's money nor given to her by Agha Ji. When Samia tells her she received a jewelry-making order and used the advance cash to purchase the generator. Saif responds that he is aware of Samia's employment when Zareena asks about it. She is concerned about who will take care of the housework, if she starts working. Samia assures her that she won't have to worry because she will take care of the housework and her job,


When Tania and Ali went to Mona's house to find out why she wasn't attending university or communicating with them, Mona's mother answered the phone and told them that she had passed away. They both went to the university to see if the rumor was true, but when they arrived at the office there was no mention of Mona's passing.

Alia, Salman, Sehrish and Asfar:

At the meeting, Salman represents Sehrish, while Alia represents Asfar. Asfar requests that Alia be firm in her demands and not allow her relationships or feelings to get in the way. They start off by discussing how the pricing were fixed. However, Alia tells him that they are free to leave the ones that have already been sold. But, they will need to raise the prices for the remaining plots. Salman disagrees with the new plots' 100% price rise, though.

Alia tries to persuade him that their desired housing plan cannot be implemented without raising costs. She reminds him that this meeting will be pointless if he continues to behave rigidly. They both agree to a price increase of 50% for the unsold plots.

The fact that Alia settled for a price increase of 50% is not surprising to Sehrish because she already knew they wouldn't accept no price increase at all. Asfar, however, is unhappy about agreeing to a 50% increase because he had anticipated Aliya to be adamant about a 100% increase in price. Aliya informed him that the partnership would have ended as they have the right to dissolve the partnership if the deal is not settled. Then, Asfar orders Aliya to end the alliance. Aliya complies by announcing that she will be cancelling the deal.

The following day, Alia learns that Asfar missed work because it was his mother's death. Additionally, Alia discovers that his birthday and his mother's death anniversary coincide.

What we Think?

The episode was hilarious with Sofia and Thannvi’s comical banter. The witty exchange Sofia and the others had was entertaining. For a change, it was nice to see Agha Ji acting as the older sibling and teaching Sofia through the taste of her own medicine. We are curious to see whether Sofia will give in or if she will try to escape her marriage once more. It’s heartening to see Samia making her own decisions and while being respectful knows how to handle her loud and nosy mother-in-law. It's wonderful to see her character grow into a strong woman because in earlier scenes, she was depicted as a person who would not speak for herself. We just hope Alia won't go above and beyond for Asfar because that would ruin the story and make it too stereotypical.

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